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Officina navale QUAIAT operates from 1991 in construction and repair of naval and industrial mechanics and is particularly specialized in diesel engines. The company’s growth throughout the years gave us the opportunity to work constantly as general contractor in important maintenance jobs on minor and major ships.
Quaiat is situated inside the Nautical Pole of Trieste, a 3000m2 structure, where several companies carry out their businesses, each one specialized in a different nautical sector such as carpentry, sails, electronics, mechanics, furniture and components. The outside area of the Pole is 8000m2, which offers the opportunity to accept the commitment of big works. The quay just in front measures 400m and the water depth is 7.5 meters average so that long boats may stop for assistance, maintenance or repair. Also smaller boats may be moored on the floating pontoons nearby.

To complete and enrich the range of services offered by Quaiat is the 24/7 availability of our staff.


20/10/ 2008

 EOS chooses Officina Navale Quaiat to get underway for the Worldwide navigation 

The most beautiful private sailer of the world is moored since October the 1st on the dock given in concession to Officina Navale Quaiat. Thanks to the very strict cooperation between the company, the Harbour Authority and Trieste Yacht Service, the 94 meters three mast sailing-ship, the longest ever built at Lurssen shipyard in Brema, has chosen to rely on Quaiat’s services to underway for its worldwide navigation. The works that are being carried out concern mechanics, such as principal engines, generators, oliodynamic system; carpentry, both wooden and steel; interior furniture; internal and external painting; fire-fighting and security systems; electronic disposals maintenance.

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Riva G. Da Verrazzano, 5c
34147 Trieste - Italy
Tel. +39 040 83 23 222
Fax +39 040 38 40 08

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