Sales, production and service for motor and sailing boats

We offer assistance both to sail and motor boats.
Our sales department commercializes spare parts, components, engines, custom tools and equipment. Quaiat is Authorized Assistance Centre of the best marine engine and component producers on the market such as VOLVO PENTA S.A., FPT, VM MOTORS S.p.A., ISOTTA FRASCHINI S.p.A., CASTOLDI S.p.A BAUDOUIN MOTEURS S.A., TWIN DISK and TECHNODRIVE BLUE. Such products can be bought also on-line by entering our e-commerce section. Our workshop is well equipped to design and produce installations, fittings and equipment for customers’ specific needs.

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Assistance and maintenance on over 24m boats

This is the newest sector in which our company strictly believes and for which is hardly investing in terms of human, technical and financial sources. Staff is constantly being updated and skilled for this particular kind of activity, which has the same qualitative features of smaller, leisure boats and same dimensions of the naval sector. The cooperation with brokers and international operators is leading to an important increase of the amount of work. Our organization is able to guarantee in an extremely short time the availability of our technical workers on place, whether in port stops or on board of under way boats.

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Services on passenger, merchant and military ship

Quaiat’s major business is represented by all that concerns services on superyacht, passenger, merchant and military ships such as assistance, maintenance, and repair of engines on ships which are in demurrage or damaged. Our fitters are professionally and technically equipped to manage emergency assistance also on under way ships, in any part of the world. The services offered by Quaiat include overhauling and refurbishing.
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