Support, maintenance and services for companies in the oil sector

In the oil sector Quaiat workshop is particularly involved in safety and environmental field by offering maintenance and repair of supercharger groups, fire motor pump groups, foaming-proof barriers, motor pump groups. In case of drills or real events, we provide staff for supervision and conduction of the equipment. Especially important was the automation work realized for the transalpine terminal for the remote control of operating rooms, activation and conduction of emergency groups.


Production, assistance and maintenance for companies operating in the railway sector.

In 2000 the company’s business has been extended to maintenance and renovation of tram railway plants by participating to the restoration of the local line Trieste - Opicina railway carriages.

Currently the activity concerns general maintenance and reconstruction of the motor carts, the complete remake of the structure of the cars and the reconstruction of the particular vintage parts which are no longer available on the market.
The complete overhaul and philological restoration of the historic car n. 6, originally built in 1902 and considered as the oldest functioning carriage around Europe and one of the oldest of the world, obtained considerable interest amongst sector experts and newspapers.

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Sales, production and services, multi companies, manufacturers of engines

The industrial area is an important sector for our company’s activities, concerning sales of engines and spare parts, production and construction of equipment components and various kinds of accessories, such as power distribution control cabinets. In addition, the team which operates the assembly of naval diesel engines and industrial engines inside Wartsila establishment, works also on engines to be used in terrestrial power. Our company procedures, on behalf of the brands it represents, maintenance service on operating machines, special self-propelled vehicles, such as vehicles used to move containers, industrial sweepers,cranes and self-propelle carts for boat transportation


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