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Quaiat Yard


Quaiat Yard is the new brand Company coming from Officina Navale Quaiat.
Officina Navale Quaiat is an operating company since 1991 and is well known as one of the best and experienced Marine workshops. It is situated in Trieste, a strategic location in the high Adriatic Sea.

The yard represents Quaiat’s new resource, totally dedicated to yacht refit and repair, moving its business towards a more and more demanding and structured market in terms of luxury and technology.

Our knowhow and professionalism is constantly increasing and we are gaining all our customers’ trust thanks to the excellent quality of our services and works. Today we are proud to say that we can host yachts up to 100m.

One of the most outstanding distinctive features of Quaiat Yard is to work on no more than four yachts at the time, in order to focus totally on our clients.


120m linear dock, with 8m depth
2000m2 on the dock
3000m2 ship workshops
All type of cranes from 25 up to 200 tons
Dry dock available at a 2km distance
from work place


Management 3
Administration staff 2
Spare parts and sales 1
Employees 30
PM 1


Quaiat Yard is attaining excellent reputation in terms of quality, reliability and costs, becoming one of the main promising points in the business of yacht refit and repair projects.

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Quaiat Yard started with two ambitious projects: a 93m sailing yacht from Lurssen yacht and a 50m mega yacht from Oceanco, bringing these works to a successful end.

Services and works:
  • Steel, aluminium and GRP works
  • Painting and filler workings
  • Complete ER rebuilding, mechanical and system works
  • Electrical and electronic works
  • Interior refit works
  • Sandblasting and hydroblasting
  • Engineering services for new design and refit modifications, engineering drawings
  • Mechanical teams for ship systems
  • Electrical installations and hydraulic systems
  • Fabrication department, shell plating and all type of pipe work
  • Interior decoration and upholstery
  • Real time cost control and periodical account review
  • Warehouse service and supply
  • Heavy metalwork for new constructions and structural modifications
  • Anticorrosion work, tank cleaning / coating, gas free certification
  • Fiberglas and carbonfiber repair and construction
  • Official agents and spare parts service for the most well known engine brands



The new Ambriabella project, involves 6 interpreneurs: four from Trieste, one from Novara and one from Livorno.
The ambitious project wants to rebuild and transform in a luxury mega-yacht the historical coastal motor vessel Ambriabella, which kept the triestine seas for decades, and then disappeared.
The forgotten vessel’s “scouting” and the planning of a filological reconstruction, in respect to the historical importance of the craft, have been committed to a well known ship engineering company in Trieste, specialized in historical crafts. The company is the same that Dubai’s government has recently committed the inspection and project to convert the well known English transatlantic Queen Elizabeth 2 in a static luxury attraction. After a long and intense research, it has been possible to find Ambriabella, abandoned in a beach face near Pireo, in Greece, where she would have probably been demolished in a short time.
The team of well known planners and designers is ready to start working on the total rebuilt of the vessel, which will be finished in two years.
The complex works of reconversion and completion will be carried out at Quaiat Yard in Trieste, bringing to the whole surrounding area new opportunities of business.



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