Ships Activity

Quaiat’s major business is represented by all that concerns services on superyacht, passenger, merchant and military ships such as assistance, maintenance, and repair of engines on ships which are in demurrage or damaged. Our fitters are professionally and technically equipped to manage emergency assistance also on under way ships, in any part of the world. The services offered by Quaiat include overhauling and refurbishing.

Thanks to the professionalism and precision with which our employees operate, we gained many customers’ reliance. This gave us the opportunity to create good relationships and cooperation with big companies, such as Wartsila. Here, a whole area is dedicated to the assembly of engines and is totally managed by a team of our workers. Furthermore, a lot of work has been done to repair and maintain main engines and diesel generators installed on board of passenger, merchant and military ships.


One of the most significant cases Quaiat has worked on is the design and complete renewal of the energy production system on board of the OGS Explora, which is employed in polar researches: all diesel generators have been replaced and the whole main wiring has been reconstructed.

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