In accordance with the provisions of the laws in force on the protection of personal data, by adopting this policy, Officina Navale Quaiat S.r.l., the Data Controller, intends to provide users with all necessary information on the cookies used by the web site

This policy, the validity of which is limited to the above web site, is an integrant part of the corresponding Privacy Policy, to which you should refer for further information.

Cookie policy

1. The Data Controller is Officina Navale Quaiat S.r.l., Riva G. Da Verrazzano 5c, Trieste, Italy. Email:

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files the web sites visited send to the user’s computer and any other device used to browse the same (e.g. smartphone and tablet). They are saved on the user’s system and sent back to the web site the next time the user visits it. Cookies can be saved permanently and have a variable duration (so-called persistent cookies), or may be deleted when the browser is closed or have a limited duration (so-called session cookies). Likewise, cookies can be installed by the web site you are visiting (so-called first party cookies) or by other web sites (so-called third party cookies) and are used for IT authentication, to track sessions and save information on the activities of users visiting a certain web site.

3. Use of cookies

The web site uses various types of cookies to simplify and speed up browsing or improve the browsing experience. Cookies are used to gather information on the user browsing the web site (e.g. date, time, pages visited, time spent on the portal, etc.), some of which may be defined personal data and therefore be subject to specific provisions of the law. Note that disabling some cookies may compromise some functions of this web site.

4. Cookies used by this web site

The above web site uses technical first party cookies, necessary for the web site functions and tracking cookies, which are similar to technical cookies and third party cookies. Cookies are not used for specific profiling or for purposes other than those declared. However, profiling or other cookies may be installed for other purposes to those declared as a consequence of using the third party services listed in the Privacy Policy.

4.1 Technical first party cookies

The above web site uses technical cookies (navigation or functional cookies, session and/or persistent cookies) or similar, to function and be displayed properly, for the purpose of authentication for access to reserved areas or to improve the “user experience” (e.g. by saving language preferences or saving credentials for back-end access so they don’t have to be entered again). As consent is not required to install these cookies, they are always used and sent to the browser, unless the user changes the settings (which may prevent the services or web site content from functioning correctly).

4.2 Tracking cookies

The web site uses a web traffic analysis service for the above web sites called “Google Analytics” to monitor proper functioning, provide support for security purposes and take any necessary action to improve the services provided. This service has been implemented using Google Tag Manager. Google Analytics requires the use of cookies through which Google obtains completely anonymous information as described below. By way of a non-exhaustive example:

  • IP address assigned to the device being used;
  • browser used to browse the web portal;
  • geographical area, language preferences, date and time of access to a certain section of the web site;
  • information concerning the web site of origin or web page of destination.

The information obtained in relation to the use of the web portal is processed by Google in observance of the company’s privacy policy available at the following links:

By browsing this web site you consent to Google processing your data in the ways and for the purposes specified above or as declared by the service provider.
Note that the service described herein is used taking every possible measure to make the cookies anonymous. This is done by: making the IP addresses of devices connected to the web portal anonymous (IP anonymization); and preventing data gathered being cross-linked to other information. Therefore, Google Analytics tracking cookies can be considered technical cookies and therefore the user’s consent is not required to use them. In any case, every portal user can disable Google Analytics by installing the Google opt-out add-on in their browser. Refer to the following link to disable Google Analytics:

4.3 Google Web Fonts

This page uses Google Web Fonts to display fonts in a uniform way. When loading a page, your browser loads the required web fonts in the cache memory in order to display text and characters correctly. For this purpose, your browser must allow connection to the Google server. As a result, Google will know your IP address referred to our web site. Google Web Fonts are used so our online offers are displayed in an agreeable and uniform way. This constitutes a legitimate interest in accordance with Art. 6 par. 1 lett. f) of the GDPR. If your browser does not support web fonts, a standard character on your computer is used. More information on Google web fonts can be found at the following link and in the Google privacy policy:

4.4 Geolocation services

We offer location-enabled services within our website via Bing Maps. You may receive information about your actual location or information that could help direct you to a certain place. You can, in general, activate or deactivate your location services by changing the relevant settings on your device or in your browser.

We use the Bing Maps’ service to provide directions and help you reach the shipyard.
For more information on Bing Maps and the steps it takes to protect personal data, refer to the relevant privacy statement.
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