our experience at your service

our experience at your service

available 7 days/week, at sea or on land

available 7 days/week, at sea or on land

professional competence and innovation in every job

professional competence and innovation in every job

«The sea has always been our trade. The extensive experience of the shipyard and the quality of the work done by our qualified technicians guarantee the best service as quickly as possible: anywhere, any time, we’ll find the right solution to meet our clients’ requirements.»

Shop, custom production and services for yachts: all-inclusive service for sailing and motor yachts.

Services for ships: passenger, merchant and navy ships.

Our marine designs

  • Merlan

    Prototype linear rotary electric marine motor.
  • RC44 Container

    The patented Quaiat container with standard ISO dimensions, designed specifically to assemble and disassemble the boat without having to use a crane or launching cradle, which also reduces boat...
  • ProPod

    A Quaiat patent for a retractable propulsion system, to guarantee the best possible speed and improve the performance of racing boats when under sail. The ProPod propulsion system, manufactured and...
  • Canting keels

    Design and construction of canting and lifting keels made of special steels with the hydraulics to power and control them for high performance boats such as the “Maxi Jena” and “Cometa”.
  • Patrol boat prototype

    Construction of a prototype patrol boat for the Italian Coastguard: meticulous attention to every detail in the design, with in-depth research into the most suitable materials and components for...

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