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M/y Ace

M/y Akula

M/y Alfa nero

M/y Al Said

M/y Andrea

M/y Anedigmi

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M/y Arriva

M/y Capella C

M/y Carinthia IV

M/y Carinthia VII

M/y Chopi Chopi

M/y Christina

M/y Eclipse

S/y Eleonora

M/y Elysian

S/y Eos

M/y Galileo G

M/y Kaiser

M/y Inevitable

M/y Infinity

M/y Irimari

M/y Kathleen Anne

M/y Lady Herta

M/y Logica

M/y Luna

S/y Lupa of London

M/y Maestro

S/y Marie

M/y Mariu

M/y Mayan Queen IV

M/y Meduse

M/y Meltemi

S/y Mirabella III

S/y Mirabella V

M/y Monkey Businness

M/y Musashi

S/y Nativa

M/y Nocomment

M/y Octopus

M/y Olimpia

M/y Robusto

M/y Rusalina

M/y Sea Shuttle

M/y Sequel P

M/y Skat

M/y Solandge

M/y Tatoosh

M/y Topaz

M/y Tucanuyaso

M/y Toy

M/y Ulysses

M/y Volterra

S/y Whirlwind

Maintenance, assistance and refitting services on yachts up to 120 metres long.

  • Project management
  • General and specialised mechanics
  • Engine design and manufacture
  • Steel and aluminium structural work
  • Painting
  • Piping
  • Fiberglass and carbon repairs and construction
  • Sandblasting and high-pressure hull cleaning
  • Filling and painting
  • Electronics
  • Electrics and hydraulics
  • Specialized services on refrigeration, conditioning and air treatment systems
  • Spare parts
  • Interior furnishings and exterior fittings
  • Engineering services for plant and system design, structural changes and updating designs
  • Relations with major shipping registers
  • Storage services and supplies

Officina Navale Quaiat srl

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