Just the right place to start: the charm of a cosmopolitan city, the opportunities of one of Italy’s major ports



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Trieste is just the right place

«A cosmopolitan city full of charm, with all the opportunities of one of Italy’s major ports, a European port with a truly promising future.

Trieste’s seafaring history, culture and tradition represent our roots and inspiration.

A passion for development and innovation is the driving force that encourages us to face new challenges with enthusiasm, always.»

Trieste, 1991 – Marino Quaiat sets up the Officina Navale Quaiat shipyard. The shipyard initially offered mechanical construction services and repairs for ships and yachts, then also branched out into the industrial sector, specialising in particular in diesel engines. Professional competence, reliability and passion for challenges have been the secret ingredient in our work, right from the start. From sailing and motor yachts to superyachts, the shipyard grew and quickly made a name for itself at the very top of the sector, also at an international level.

The Trieste dockyard (polo nautico), 1999 – In 1999 Quaiat set up the Trieste dockyard to acquire additional space for its activities and involve other companies operating in the sector. It was the first step in a very ambitious project, which continued to develop year after year thanks to far-sighted investments in infrastructures, innovation and continuous staff training. Today we can cater for any kind of request from our clients for any type of vessel, and thanks to our quality management and specialised technicians, we’ve become one of the most highly appreciated and promising shipyards in a sector of excellence, refitting and providing services for Yachts and Superyachts.

Facilities and figures – The shipyard has 3,000 m2 of industrial sheds where many different companies operate in synergy, each specialised in one particular marine sector, from carpentry to sails, electronics to mechanics, from furnishings and fittings to components. The dockyard has an outdoor area of 8,000 m2, more than enough space for manoeuvring heavy loads, while the 150 m long quay in front of the dockyard used to moor vessels for maintenance and repairs, has an average draught of 8 metres.

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